Saturday, 16 June 2012


It occurred to me today how quickly I have overcome my initial anxiety about taking tablets!!

The attached picture shows my current daily RA medication (my insulin is delivered through my pump and I currently take no other meds for diabetes), and its become 'normal' almost without me realising.

It's always amused (and irritated me) when people, on finding out I have diabetes, respond with "Oh there's absolutely no way I could inject myself everyday"! Really?? So you would politely tell the doctor you prefer an untimely and extremely painful death instead? Now, when I say I take 10 plus tablets a day I have got a few similar reactions.

I think people who are lucky enough never to have to face the reality of a lifetime of medication, just to stay alive, don't realise that you do just get over it! Don't get me wrong I'm not saying its easy, I know I've had my struggles, but it is empowering to remind yourself that the strength you need is always inside you somewhere. I am becoming a real believer that you don't get given anything in life that you aren't strong enough to cope with. Fingers crossed anyway!

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